Mar 2016

New installation with Tsuroka city, “Agricultural Revolution 3.0” will be open.

At Tsuruoka Art Forum in Yamagata prefecture, “Agricultural Revolution 3.0” will be held from March 16 2016. We very much look forward to seeing you at venue.

Oct 2015

The presentation of joint research project of next-generation protein materials by Spiber Inc. and THE NORTH FACE.

Visualization Dept. supervised all visual realms differ from story telling, informational architecture, retail space design, and event production of “MOON PARKA” presentation.

Visualization Dept.
Aug 2015

“SANSUI” will be on view at Kyoto Art Center and Nuit Blanche in Kyoto.

“SANSUI” will be presented at NUIT BLANCHE KYOTO 2015 and NEW INCUBATION 7 "Parallel World or: How I Learned to Love the World” at Kyoto Art Center.

Mar 2015

Interview with WIRED for their VOL 15 March Issue, “WIRED BY DESIGN ― World’s 25 Stories Around Design”

Kangawa’s interview focuses on “the new role of artist/designer, and the approach in the line of Duchamp and Shusaku Arakawa” as design consulting firm is featured.

Dec 2014

Special lecture at System Design and Management, Keio University.

Kangawa gives a special lecture at System Design and Management, Keio University.

Feb 2014

“Future HEMS OS” by Visualization Dept. was showcased at Smart House Week 2014.

In February 26th, 2014, Visualization Dept. launched the “Future HEMS OS” with Daiwa House Industry at Smart House week.

Visualization Dept.
Dec 2014

Joint work installation, “SUPER VISION” with Terry Riley and Eugene Kangawa.

A special installation concert with the world-renowned musician, Terry Riley, “SUPERVISION” was held in November 22nd and 23rd.