THE EUGENE Studio was introduced in a TV program of NHK (public broadcasting)

Jul 12, 2018

THE EUGENE Studio was introduced in a TV program “Tanken! Bakumon” of NHK (public broadcasting)

[ Airdate ]
July 18 2018, Wed, PM 8:15 ― 8:43
[ Rerun ]
July 25 2018, Wed, AM 4:02 ―

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In this program, our prototype room and one of our artworks White Painting were introduced.
Please watch it.


“Technology × Art in Japan attracting worldwide attention”
In this program, cutting-edge field of experience-based art by Japanese art collectives teamLab and THE EUGENE Studio was introduced.
To reveal Japanese “technology art” attracting worldwide attention, a Japanese comedy duo Bakushō Mondai goes into a huge permanent museum opened this June by an artist collective “teamLab”, and also a prototype room of the next generation artist “THE EUGENE”. What is behind in the world of cutting-edge “experience-based art”, which is new, nostalgic and beautiful? What is Japanese traditional ideology behind them?

[ Guests ]
Tomoe Shinohara, Creators… Toshiyuki Inoko, Eugene Kangawa, Masashi Wada
[ Presenters ]
Bakushō Mondai (Hikari Ota / Yuji Tanaka)
[ Narration ]
Subaru Kimura, Sumi Shimamoto