“Shikkoku-Noh”(Phantosia) was held at The National Art Center, Tokyo.

Jan 21, 2019

“Shikkoku-Noh” was held at The National Art Center, Tokyo.



( Excerpted from the original )


“Shikkoku-Noh” (English title: Phantosia) is a theatrical installation in which “Noh performance is held in a pitch-darkness.” The noh performance played in pitch-darkness and complete silence will elicit the possibility of infinite imagery because of it’s invisibility.

*English title, “Phantosia” is a coined term of PHANTOM(from Latin ‘imaginary space’) and PHANTOM( ‘ghost’ ).
For this exhibition, either “Izutsu” or “Nue,” a category of which is classified into Mugen Noh (supernatural Noh) that Zeami established will be played in half-noh style(later half of the play set after the sunset). For first few minutes, waki (the counterpart of the protagonist, Shite) who is an inhabitant of real world appears just before the sunset, and when shite (main protagonist) appears as a supernatural being or inhabitant of a dream, true darkness comes.


[ Pre-talk ]
Eugene Kangawa (THE EUGENE Studio) × Tsuyoshi Tane (Architect)]
Date:2019/1/22 (Tue) 18:00–19:00 Door open: 17:30]
Venue:The National Art Center, Tokyo 3F


[ Shikkoku-Noh ]
Date:2019/1/22 (Tue) 19:10–
Venue:The National Art Center, Tokyo 3F
※Half-noh style / Shite:Teruhisa Oshima


Cooperation:Teruhisa Oshima (Noh-gaku Shite-kata Kita-ryu Shokubun) / Kan Adachi
Sponsor;Goldwin Inc.
Date:2019/1/21(Mon), 22(Tue)
Venue:The National Art Center, Tokyo



image of Phanotosia
Installation[ 2018, Square space, some peple ] ©THE EUGENE Studio