THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept. is currently recruiting new members.

Jun 01, 2017

THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept. is currently recruiting full-time and Internship.
If you are invested in working in our team, please apply.

For this occasion, we provide some selected previous projects edited focusing on the process and method in special recruitment web page so as to promote the applicants’ understanding about our engagement.
All of these projects are covering basic research from formulating master concept, and visual expression.
Open positions and conditions are provided below.




Spiber Inc. & THE NORTH FACE
“The Story of the next-generation biotechnology”
“The new history of materials with bio-venture” 2015/10, with Spiber Inc. & THE NORTH FACE Encapsulating a story which is seemingly pluralistic with compelling storyline. In the big presentation of next-generation material by biotechnology company, Spiber Inc. THE EUGENE Studio presided over all visual parts ; not only constructing the story, video work, visualizing the contents of presentation, but also, space and digital realms, and store design.

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TOUCH Energy
A HEMS Operating System, 2012/04, with Daiwa House Industry TOUCH Energy is a software focusing on “interaction with the house itself”, developed as a part of the R&D project for “Operation System(OS) around the house” In 2012 when HEMS was rising, our department presided over making concept and scenario to designing OS, direction over UI design.

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New standard of the home electronics, 2012/05, with Daiwa House Industry
gaux™ is a project concentrating on reexamining whole experiences of consumer electronics, as a part of the R&D project to develop “Operation System(OS) around the house”. For the proliferation of various home electronics and their operating order ― we aimed at providing advanced standard.

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A software for family community, 2012/06, with Daiwa House Industry.
The last project in “the R&D project for Operation System(OS) around the house” was a software which focuses on the people living in the house. This application is based on defined messenger, but it aims at promoting the frequency of contact within family member by juxtaposing with HEMS.

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Daiwa House Industry Overview
A comprehensive R&D project for Operation System(OS) “around the house”.
HEMS OS, New UX of consumer electronics, etc., 2012/03 – 07, with Daiwa House Industry
This case is a comprehensive R&D project for Operation System(OS) “around the house”. Our department presided over all realms from researching and making concept and scenario to designing OS, direction over UI design.

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Book Index
Exploring “reading” ―the nature of an e-book.
New model of e-book application, 2012/09, Book Index We designed a new application which focuses on “reading books deeply” whereas many applications such as iBooks or Kindle which offer the user casual reading experience appear on the market.

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Open Positions

Visual Engineer / Graphic Designer

  1. We are currently looking for Visual Researcher / Graphic Designer. The candidate is required to have an excellent skills in coming information design such as UI/UX developing, filming, photography.

  2. We are looking for internship who has an ambition to try above positions.

We are looking forward to seeing applicants who want to try various self-works, projects with THE EUGENE Studio.
Also, we welcome freelancer who are considering joint-work with us.



How to apply
Please contact here with following materials.
A staff in charge will get in touch with you.

・Name / Address
・Portfolio, CV, and Resume(Open-ended )
(* If you are applying researcher position, please send us your essay, graduation thesis, or any forms of presentation.)
・Dates of Birth, Contact Information
・Your VISA status (as needed)
・Appeal (Open-ended)

※Once in a blue moon, we failed to receive an email or the characters get garble. When you have not received any reply for a long time, please contact us again with different email address.



EMPLOYMENT<br/ > Full-time or Permatemp


Visual Engineer / Graphic Designer | 230,000JPY~ / month
Internship | Salary is negotiable.
※Transportation fee will be paid.


・ Bonus
・ An annual pay raise
・ Various social insurance equipping


・ Weekends
・ Paid annual leave
・ Statutory holidays
・ New Year’s break
・ Holidays


・ Tokyo ※ Overseas business


We are looking forward your apply.