We value some principles in the attitude towards the society.

In this section, we introduce some principles that THE EUGENE Studio has.
We always take into account how to behave towards the society.

Method 01

New atlas / Accumulation of knowledges.
The domains we have worked on.

— Portraying a “continuous map of the modernity”.
— Domains we have worked on.

From agriculture, AI, urban planning, transport, biotechnology, data model, sport, UX...
THE Eugene STUDIO has consulted on a range of realms and in-between of these topics as well.

For example, in the AI development project, we plated out the direction of the AI R&D department of a Japanese company, we portrayed the future shape of “transportation” in which autonomous car is realized or in its transitional phase for automobile company. At other project, we speculate a new urban system in which agriculture and biotechnology are incorporated.

In our time, when grand narrative ends and we experience an earth slide like social transformation to the next era, new atlas will be woven only by the detailed aggregation in extensive discipline ― somewhat blind and intuitive practice.

Method 02

Contemporary Art Power and Hardcore

In these days, the concept of art have been diverting and interrupted variedly. The situation in which art is utilized passively cannot be ignored.

As well as the today’s contemporary art is different from the one in 100 years ago, it is even 5 years ago. As we keep changing correspondingly with contemporary society, our endeavor will be one of the ultimate hardcore.

It will not be able to realize only within the museums nor market, neither alike Situationist who criticized society blindly; however, incorporating criticism and practice can take us new frontier.

Method 03

Methodology of our Research
Structural Holes and Journalism & Living Research

— Structural Holes and Journalism & Living Research
Our methodology of Research

THE Eugene STUDIO often commits some projects which are considered that existing think-tank cannot take.
Since information is fluctuating, formulaic research and unchanged “-ism” can be obsolete easily. On the other hands, the importance of “Living research” which change its style correspondingly to the type of project increase.

In THE Eugene STDUIO, we conduct flexible research based upon the concept of Structural Holes(*1), Living Research(*2), and Fictional Research(*3).

※1 Structural Holes
Structural holes is a concept from social network research, originally developed by Ronald Stuart Burt. Burt’s theory suggests that individuals hold certain positional advantages/disadvantages from how they are embedded in neighborhoods or other social structures.
The main player in a network that bridges structural holes is able to access information from diverse sources and clusters that spans opposite realms and objects, ages and subjects and move back and forth on the coordinate neurologically to amplify and diversify the idea. THE Eugene STUDIO conducts research remaining this contagious and post-modernism like idea.

※2 Fictional Research
Fictional Research is an approach in which we carry out simulation which slightly departs from the current situation. This approach aims to be free from some limits(even it sometimes seems trivial) and elaborate the ideas and options.
This method that we speculate elaborated details of the situation afterwards the implementation rather than fanciful science fiction by designing the details accordingly with our real life can be viewed as an inverse approach.

※3 Living Research
We abduct and juxtapose historical facts and super regional cases on the same table dynamically so as to build the basement. We call this method Living Research.

Even Living Research and Fictional Research are appropriated from cinematic technique, some might see a similarity with Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language.

Method 04

Methodology of our Research
Unification and succession
of thinking and visualization.
When the details decide whole figure.

— Unification of “thinking” and “visualization”
— When the details decide whole figure.

Whilst we believe the importance of the beginning, margin details also play an important role as well.
Even the details and expression seem inconsequential matters, they potentially influence on the basic philosophy.

As we proceed projects, we always take into account to work on simultaneously and the reversibility from the detail rather than take steps in vision, strategy, and output.

Furthermore, incorporating the expertise and visualizing technique acquired through various fields, contributes to diversify ideas from instantaneous aspect. This practice is somewhat neurological, and if above two elements get unified, each single action will be accelerated and idea, strategy, and output will be produced in succession with incredible agility.

Method 05

Joint-work / Attitude toward s team

[ Team ]
In a certain sense, many artists in the past are always in team. Reflecting upon today’s information society, being in team is very important to endure our will.

[ Joint-work ]
We think that the challenging talents are in everywhere, no matter they belong to the new business development department, R&D, public relation department, start-ups, or government. If there is a sympathy, it will contribute to realize what people deem impossible. We are always welcome your contact.

[ Organization ]
THE EUGENE Studio is always looking for talents who can be a main player in our team.
Once again, we believe the power of individuals.