“1/2 Century later.”が「PIIRTÄÄ (台湾メディア) 」にて掲載されました。

Dec 24, 2017


A review of “1/2 Century later.” was published on PIIRTÄÄ website.
Please read it if you are interested.
(Excerpted from the website of PIIRTÄÄ)
The exhibition title『1/2 Century later.』represents the concept of ‘the era from half century onwards’ in the theme of ‘From destruction to regeneration’; taking the year of 1968 as a turning point of time that The Eugene Studio embedded in the installations; for depicting the time logic of a half century since and a half century onwards. 1968 is the year where the science fiction novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ was published as well as the release year of the infuential film ’2001: A Space Odyssey’, and the narrative of the film ‘Blade Runner 2049’ released this year has taken many elements and themes from ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’.

An impressive large glass room is situated in the main space of Shiseido Gallery, with furniture and interior objects burnt into ash grey, representing ‘the future monuments is delineated by the stories in the past’. Walking along the glass room, different angles are assimilated to time, like traversing through the time. We are at the future of the pass but the past of the future. The ‘future’ is projected through the 2D artworks on the walls surrounding around, where biotechnology and agriculture have merged and moving into a mature stage.

The little corner in the side space presents an installation of the focus on humanity for ‘White Painting’ series. This project is done by collecting interactions of strangers with the white board on the street in America, Mexico and Taiwan; where they have captured the moments of the participants kissing the white canvas for documentation film to create an abstract painting based on the interaction between painting and audience. The motif behind “kissing white canvas in different countries” could be interpreted in different ways from the Western art history to several global issues among religions, races, organisations and countries to countries. Despite of the races and religions of the participants and the viewers of this documentation film, we all interpret through what we have grown up and share the same love and care of what we have taken into hearts.

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