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New book featuring four Japanese artistic companies is published by Kobunsh.

Kobunsha published “Age of Art × Technology Creative Business changing the society” (by Daisuke Miyatsu), in which team lab, takram, Rhizomatiks, and THE EUGENE Studio are featured from the viewpoint of art history and business science. Our recent projects are summarized. For more details, please see here. We hope you will enjoy this book.





About this book
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“Now, art pieces created by team lab, takram, Rhizomatiks, and The Eugene attract worldwide attention.


These next-gen companies ask the public a new sense of value by integrating Japanese unique concept and advanced technology. But, why they are company rather than individual? Where is the source of their creative ideas and sophisticated technology? Also, how they manage their company who defies the common wisdom; what is their unique organizational structure, rules, and assessment system like?


This is the first book which examine the secret of the power of “advanced technology art companies” from the viewpoint of art history and business science with the abundant example of their representative works and projects.



[Table of contents]

Chapter 1 team lab
Chapter 2 takram
Chapter 3 Rhizomatiks
Chapter 4 Eugene Kangawa and THE EUGENE Studio
Last chapter Pat, present, and future of the advanced art.



[Author plofile]


Daisuke Miyatsu
Daisuke Miyatsu, born in 1963 in Tokyo, is an art collector, professor at Yokohama College of Art and Design, and visiting professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design.
After working at advertisement company, PR department at listed company, personal management, and then assumed the present post.
Since 1994, he has continued to collect art works. His collections and home built in cooperation with artists are introduced internationally.
He served as committee of Act on the Facilitation of Disclosures of Foreign Works of Art(Agency for Cultural Affairs) and jury of “Asian Art Award 2017”.
He has published “Economy of modern art”(Kobunsha) and “How to create an art collection”(Shueisha, Jincheng Publishing in Chaina, and Uni Books in Korea.)


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Hope you will enjoy this book.




Text by Y.Nishimoto (THE EUGENE Studio)
June 15, 2017