Our mission is to draw a new continuous map
for the future—New Atlas.

THE EUGENE Studio, as a collective-studio, has engaged in various projects centering on contemporary art and design.

Based upon a minimal work unit, “script & visualization”―whereas we address artistic practice such as installations and video works, the perception and thoughts that the artist conceives throughout above fields have been applied into and archived many result in societal realms―from urban planning, R&D projects for AI, biotechnology, education, and OS development.

Above activities are driven by a motivation to explore and depict a “new map which is continuous for the future” in our era everything is constantly changing. Since our era, especially, witnesses a dramatic development of technology, and is blessed with them, we feel that we are facing a time to reexamine fundamental humanity.

Human, history, joy, and grief―the primordial of human emotion and behavior is unchangeable for hundreds of years.
In this complicated modernity, our mission is fundamental and disruptive explore.

If you are considering joint-work with us, please see our detailed list of fields we have worked on and past results.

*Some projects done by members before our incorporation are included in this website.

Publications and Accolades

“Eugene Kangawa–Duchamp, engineering of “thinking” to succeed Arakawa.
They are one of the high-profile collectives working with diverse clients.”


-“WIRED BY DESIGN―World's 25 Stories Around Design”

“Now, art pieces created by team lab, takram, Rhizomatiks, and The Eugene attract worldwide attention. These next-gen companies ask the public a new sense of value by integrating Japanese unique concept and advanced technology.”


-“Age of Art × Technology Creative Business changing the society”
KOBUNSHA | June 2017

For more info about publications, interviews, lectures, please see here.

Company information

THE EUGENE Studio Inc.
Eugene Kangawa (Co-founder) / Masashi Wada(Co-founder)
2-3-2 1F Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan
Private HQ
Private HQ | 2-17-11 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0014, Japan